Since the beginning of time, man has been inspired by an inexorable urge to progress. Boundaries have been explored, tested and transcended—again and again, by every generation.

This spirit, which continues to drive artists, inventors and adventurers to excellence, is also active in André Belfort's halls. Driven by the need to develop elegant solutions to problems, and to gracefully implement progressive ideas, we work actively to keep our finger on the pulse with our watches.


In our factories, expert craftsmanship meets artistic innovation. Experienced watchmakers and engineers work hand in hand with a pioneering spirit, and are always striving for precision and perfection, while avant-garde designers are passionate about the demanding challenge of encasing perfectly-formed technology in an elegant guise.The result of this work is luxury watches with sophistication of the highest quality, enticing beauty, and impressive longevity.

Quality control

At André Belfort, we attach great importance to continuous quality control, because the production of world-class products is an affair of the heart for us.

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